5 feature ideas – general ideas

  1.  The fashion trends that keep recurring – discussion about which fashion items and trends from the decades are coming back in fashion i.e boiler suits, block colours, lycra – who starts up these trends again? price comparisons from then and now.
  2.  Ditch the tablets, go herbal – Discuss the power of herbal remedies, what the benefits and disadvantages, list of what herbal teas are good for what i.e. peppermint tea good for stomach aches, chamomile tea good for sleep aid – alternatives to medication.
  3.  How love calculators work – often found on Facebook/magazine websites, how do they work? What process is behind the calculation? How many people like using them? 
  4.  Transition from sportswear to fashion – sports clothing and trainers has turned into fashion rather than purely for comfort when doing sport, when did it start? Which major sports brands are benefiting from this transition to fashion? Has it made sportswear more expensive?
  5.  Things to keep you busy on long journeys – practical guide for those who travel a lot/need something to do on long journeys, book suggestions, new music suggestions etc.

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