Online shopping vs hitting the high street: Which is the best way to shop?

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home from  long day of shopping, arms full of bags filled with new clothes, shoes, bags, makeup and all the other things we spend ridiculous amounts of money on! I remember the days of shopping with my friends, picking out the coolest and ugliest outfits for us all to parade around the changing rooms in. Going shopping always meant a fun day out. As I’ve got older and busier (and maybe lazier!) I find myself doing a lot more online shopping. I can literally spend hours browsing the websites of my favourite online stores, filling my virtual basket with all sorts of tempting items that I really don’t need. But am I missing out? Am I going to find better deals or nicer clothes if I actually walk through Zara rather than browsing online whilst lying in bed?

There are so many perks to online shopping apart from the very appealing ‘do it in bed’ aspect. Discount codes are often very tempting and will always help you justify spending the money you were supposed to be saving. I must get at least 7 emails a day from retailers enticing me with “20% off” and “free delivery “. As well as the great deals, you don’t have to deal with the stress of winding your way through the stuffy shops, queuing for what seems like hours for the changing rooms and then again to pay. More and more online businesses are popping up after noticing the growing demand for online retail. Missguided, and ASOS are solely on the web and are a few of my favourite online shopping destinations where I’m always guaranteed to find the style of shoes I want or the new skirt I’m looking for!


As practical as online shopping seems, it has its downfalls. Firstly, you can’t try it on. I can’t tell you how many times I have excitedly anticipated the arrival of a parcel, tried  it on and stood in front of the mirror wondering how this thin and shapeless piece of material could look so hot and trendy on the girl in the pictures! When you are physically standing in the shop you can feel the material, see exactly whether the colour suits you and come home feeling satisfied with what you bought. There is also a chance that as you’re walking through the shop you spot something on a clothes rack that catches your eye, something you’d never search for specifically online, and before you know it you’ve found your new favourite jumper.

As comfortable as your bed might be, making shopping a social day out is so much more enjoyable . There’s nothing I love more than having a girly day of shopping and lunch with my mum or catching up whilst finding new outfits with my girls. Get up, go out and shop till you drop.


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