5 Feature Ideas – Environment

  1.  The animals we’ve eliminated – profiles of animals that are now extinct due to human activity in past months/year, who is killing them, which animals are still severely endangered, what is being done to prevent this
  2.  Britain’s dirtiest beaches – list of least popular beaches in Britain, how much litter is cleared each year, effect on wildlife, how it has affected tourism, any plans for change?
  3.  How to spot diseased trees – issue facing many species of tree in the UK causing them to die, risks of tree diseases (falling & injuring people etc), what to look out for on trees in your local area, who to report to, involving community
  4.  Embracing the national parks – why you should get out of towns/cities and visit places in the UK such as Peak District/New Forrest/Yorkshire Dales etc, what to do there, why they are so popular
  5.  Is global warming affecting the UK yet? – look at rising temperatures across the seasons in the past years, how is it affecting the environment, problems such as bird migration/plant growth/water shortages/floods, future problems if temperatures keep rising

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