5 Feature Ideas – Politics

  1.  How will communities cope with government funding cuts to local councils? – which authorities have had funding cuts, case studies/interviews with those affected, why community funds are so important, how children will be affected by closing libraries and children’s services
  2.  Trump. How has he made it this far? – how can such a controversial candidate like Donald Trump become so powerful in the race for the White House? Examples of his most radical statements, how he compares to other strong candidates like Hilary Clinton, which other political figures in history he is similar to.
  3. Why only 66% of the population voted in the 2015 general election – which groups of people are/aren’t voting & why, why is it important to vote, how we can increase the percentage of the population that vote i.e the voting system, days which you can vote, how to make people feel more informed about politics.
  4.  Where have all our doctors gone? – new contracts forced by government results in doctors moving abroad, why did the protests and demonstrations not work? Interview with a doctor who has left the country, what the appeal is for them abroad?
  5.  Why the UK won’t take any more asylum seekers – facts & figures (how many the UK have taken in compared to other countries), why other countries are able to take, what the appeal the UK has to migrants, interview with someone who opened their home to refugees.  

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