Features Rationale


Why is this feature is relevant now?

The feature is relevant now because the initiative was launched in the Houses Of Parliament on 8th March, International Women’s Day, and the workshops will be held up and down the country this year. People who may be interested in attending would be informed if they read the feature over the next few months and would therefore be able to find a workshop they can go to. It is also relevant now because forced marriage is happening now. The feature helps to spread awareness and provides details of where victims and vulnerable woman can seek help so the sooner it can be read by the general public, the better.

Who is the target magazine and why?

The publication I have chosen as my target magazine is Red. This is because it’s a lifestyle magazine that features fashion, food, entertainment, beauty and interviews. These areas are all linked to the wedding industry which implies that their readers would have an interest in the article and it would match the style of the magazine perfectly. Their main target is women, and generally a lot of beauticians are women, so using this magazine as my target would be the best way to promote the issues I discuss and advertise the workshops.

Who is the target audience and why?

My target audience is women who are aged 25-55. The theme of the article would interest women in that age group who either have already been married, or are planning a wedding, because they have been through the bridal process. The audience I am also targeting is beauticians and hairdressers because they can relate to the experience of the beautician who is interviewed. The information in the article can inform them of the ways they can spot signs of forced marriage and help those women in need. Red magazine has a wide readership and a total gross average circulation of 186,495 which means it could also reach women who are victims and provide them with information of how to seek help.



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