Pitch letter


Dear Sarah Bailey,

As many as 10,000 forced marriages take place in the UK each year according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

On International Women’s Day this year, a charity called Jeena International launched an initiative in the Houses of Parliament. The ‘Ugly Side of Beauty’ campaign is launching a series of workshops across the country to equip people working in the wedding industry to spot signs of forced marriage and domestic violence.

I am proposing a 1000 word interview feature promoting these workshops and highlighting the prominent issue of forced marriage in the UK today. The feature would also discuss the new role of responsibility that beauticians are being given and what it’s like for a woman who is going through a forced marriage on her wedding day. This would be achieved by talking to the charity founder, beauticians and a forced marriage victim who is happy to talk about the experience they have escaped.

The topic is relevant because of the number of forced marriages that occur today in this country, and because the beauty industry is continuously growing and could help those women in need. Many of Red’s readers will be involved in the wedding industry, such as make-up artists and hair stylists, which is why this feature idea would be perfect for your publication.

The experience I gained from working for Moving on Magazine through a contract I held with Walpole Publishing has provided me with the skills to thoroughly research and accurately present information in and engaging style. I have also had articles published in Bournemouth university’s newspaper, The Rock, which is why I believe I am capable of writing this piece.

Thank you for taking my pitch into consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Leyan Yucel


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