5 Feature Ideas – Health

  1.  How much sugar is there in our favourite drinks –  which drinks contain the most sugar (fizzy drinks, hot drinks from Costa/Starbucks etc., smoothies), health risks of consuming too much sugar, examples of healthier alternatives.
  2.  Simple ways to be more active in your daily routine – statistics about how much exercise people should be doing per week/day, tips on how to be more active e.g. taking the stairs instead of the lift,  parking further away from work so you have a distance to walk, cycle to work.
  3.  The importance of sleep – how many hours of sleep should you get each night, health risks if you don’t get enough sleep, benefits of a good sleeping pattern i.e easier to lose weight, better skin, more energy.
  4.  Are you getting enough vitamins? – which vitamins and minerals do our bodies need the most, which foods supply us with them? What are the health benefits of taking vitamin and mineral supplements.
  5.  5 ways to boost your immune system & fight illness – explain exactly what the immune system is and how it helps fight disease an illness, which foods (in particular which fruit & veg) help improve the body’s natural defences, exercise regularly etc.

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