5 Feature Ideas – Sport

  1.  Will women’s football ever be as popular as men’s? – the rise in popularity of women’s football, comparison of pay for players in national teams, statistics about how many people watch men’s football compared to women’s, could it ever be as popular?
  2. Horse racing, the ethical dilemma – statistics about how many horses die in horse racing each year, is it morally correct that they are intensely trained for years and have to risk their lives for race spectators? Info about incidents where drugs and use of painful shocks have been used to make horses run faster.
  3.  Top 5 most dangerous sports – list of more unusual sports i.e base jumping/cave diving, high risks of injury, where they take place, competitions
  4.  Is video gaming a sport? – chess is considered a sport because it involves strategy, is played worldwide & is competitive – same applies to video games, figures of how many people play video games worldwide, league tables, how often does the average teen play?
  5.  The takeover of performance enhancing drugs – athletics, horse racing & cycling are some of the sports that have been condemned for increased use of performance enhancing drugs, why are more and more athletes using them? has it always been a problem? What action is being taken.

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