5 Feature Ideas – Technology Industry

  1. How an increasing customer demand affects the technology industry – increase in competition means more of a demand, new competition from well-funded start ups results in more pressure on existing companies, demand for better performance, more platforms all at the lowest price.
  2.  More technology, less jobs –  as the technology industry grows there are less jobs because more robots/machines are used, what is the rate of job availability decrease? which jobs no longer exist because of growth in tech industry, what are the pros/cons of a robot run industry.
  3.  How the technology industry has affected day to day life over the past 10 years –  how has it improved daily life, examples of technology and how it has changed over the past decade like phones, cars, computers etc, how they have changed i.e in size and practicality.
  4.  Is the growing technology industry creating too many risks? – risks of hacking of computers/phones, people’s identities at risk, creates more opportunities for thieves and scammers, is that risk worth the advantages the technology industry has produced.
  5.  Why we need technology to save us from technology – the tech industry has grown so much that we are surrounded and have increased pressure to be contactable all the time, people can’t relax, apps have been developed to stop notification/turn your phone off for certain periods of time, is the ever growing tech industry good for us?

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